The perfect match every time for Crown Paints

Crown Paints endeavour to match paint colours as accurately as possible in a room set. However, due to cost and time issues associated with photography, they also need to have the ability to change the look of a room set by re-colourising digitally.

Our colour matching expertise was put to good use and we can show how colours will print extremely accurately with our in-house ISO Certified GMG proofing system. Using an approved colour palette with high res imagery we were able to re-colour a number of Crown’s room sets including painted areas such as walls, ceiling and skirting, as well as sympathetically re-colouring surrounding props and furniture to ensure continuity.

Our Solution

Our strategy was successful on two fronts. It enabled Crown to keep budgets under control by not commissioning photography. It also allowed them to confidently continue marketing activities across a full range of channels.

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