Motor Neurone Disease (MND) is a life-changing illness that can affect how you walk, talk, eat, drink and breathe. The MND Association is dedicated to helping people living with MND achieve the best possible quality of life, as well as offering support to their families. One particular area of support is for children and young people who are close to someone living with MND. To support their work in this area, Matrix were briefed to produce an engaging Young Person’s Guide designed to offer advice and information over multiple channels.

Our Solution

The guide was briefed to be delivered in an A4 printed workbook format, enabling the reader to make notes and answer questions on the page. However, with the audience being predominantly 11-18 year olds, we felt that this format would have a limited reach. To maximise engagement with this audience Matrix therefore proposed an additional digital option to work in conjunction with the print format.

Working closely with the client’s team, we opted for a digital web-based format. This was a web app that would go beyond the reach of a standard website and work seamlessly across tablets and phones – a solution with a much higher chance of getting the publication into the pockets of this audience. The app content was able to be downloaded to the device for offline viewing and the rich graphic content was just as engaging as the printed version.

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