Matching colour to the carpet

An official ‘Cool Brand’, Alternative Flooring had a problem with its catalogues; the colours did not match those of the actual carpets or the samples in the retail outlets. Not a happy situation for customer, distributor or client. And something that the company’s printer had been unable to remedy.

Alternative Flooring wanted to able to display the full range of the new Dotty Mixtures series without the expense of re-shooting 10 different carpet options. Matrix was provided with the carpet samples and, so as to really capture the texture of the natural fibres, we made the decision to shoot them in-house rather than scan them. We colour balanced to exactly match the samples, supplied ISO standard proofs and saved and profiled to 39L for use in both print and digital media.

Our Solution

Alternative Flooring achieved the colour matching they required across web and print to continue successfully building customer and supplier confidence in the brand. And it was all achieved with a minimum investment in terms of cost and time.

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